Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chamber 11

Exclusive elegance, paying tribute to classic style and feminine are three major mechanism implemented in this upcoming De' Chamber Collections 2011.

Terciero - Flowery Cross-Body Bag

Code: DCA 137

Price: RM45.00

Color: Dark Purple and Dark Blue


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chamber 10

Starry - *3.1 Philip Lim Edie* Inspired Studded Shoulder Bag

Here comes New York Style - designer's inspired shoulder bags!!

The front bow flap is playful and feminine and decorated in great gold studs. The double shoulder straps has hardware as well, with the top is covered with gold studs to make it an outstanding one!! ;)

SPOTTED: Leighton Meester & her *red shoulder bag.

SPOTTED: Vintage Clothing Collector, Rachel Bilson with "Edie Bow" shoulder bag.
Code: DCA136

Price: RM65.00 (FREE POSTAGE)

Color: Pink, Red & Black


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Year End Sales

De' Chamber says "Ho Ho Ho... SALES SALES SALES!!!"

Don't miss out *De' Chamber Year End Sales & New Year Sales* valid from 5th December 2010 to 31th January 2011

Please find the amazing discounts for Chamber 1 to Chamber 5 collections!!!

We wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in advance!!! Woohooooo...!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chamber 9

Need a little inspiration to get you in the Vintage mood?

This season: Chamber 9 collections - "The Classics".

"FASHION --- a piece of History"

Viscaria - Vintage Inspired Bucket Bag

This Viscaria Bucket Bag would be just perfect for any girls who loves Vintage accessories! ;)

Always useful for anyone travelling a lot or for holidays. Hang it around your shoulder and it will keep all your valuables safe; ideal for tickets, documents, passports etc.

Code: DCA134

Price: RM45.00

Color: Brown & Dark Brown


Oleander - Vintage Inspired Leather Handbag

Oleander - It's exactly the color of Godiva milk chocolate! ;p
A rare classic leather handbag - from an era when a woman's handbag added glamour to her appearance!
This is the perfect elegant accessory to any outfit - for formal wear, casual or make an impression and use it for the office ........ !

Code: DCA135

Price: RM45.00

Color: Brown


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chamber 8

I LOVE Bags!

A handbag is the FASHION Touch. Handbag is the only urban accesory that can boost a silhouette.

We have the "Desire" to be "Different"!

Here we go!

This season > De' Chamber Striped Bags ~

*Horizontal Stripes VS Vertical Stripes*

Anabella - Horizontal-Striped Shoulder Bag

"Annabella" is a quality shoulder bag, which is embellished with thin black and white stripes which give it a real contemporary feel. Carry this Annabella collection to stamp cool-girl chic on all your casual looks.

Code: DCA131

Price: RM45.00

Color: Dark Brown & Black and White Stripes

Status: SOLD OUT

Cheyne - * Long Champ Inspired Handbag

This kind of Bold Statement is just what we expect from Rockstar - Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B range. Of course, the striped design doesn't mean it's boring! "Cheyne" is a covetable carryall. ;)

Code: DCA132

Price: RM45.00

Color: Dark Brown & Black and White Bold Stripes

Status: SOLD OUT

Zaccheus - Vertical-Striped Oversized Shoulder Bag

The "Zaccheus" oversized shoulder bag with short double handles. Wear this eye-catching striped carryall with classic black pants and an elegant cape for effortless daytime chic.

For work or weekend, this statement piece holds all your essentials and is the perfect partner to a well-edited wardrobe~!

Code: DCA133

Price: RM55.00

Color: Light Purple & Black and White Vertical Stripes

Status: SOLD OUT

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chamber 7

I LOVE Polka Dot!! Muaksssssss!! ;)

Polka dots first became common on clothing or accessories in the late 19th century in Britain.

The polka dot trend is easy enough to achieve - just limit yourself to one polka-dotted piece at a time and you'll look fashionable!

Polka! Polka! - Polka Dots Sling Bag

Polka Dot Handbags catch the attention of people and really a great addition for your stylish clothing. Our Polka! Polka! are available in a range of very hot colors and convenient size.

Code: DCA129(a) - (d)

Price: RM55.00 only

Color: Please refer to the photo as above

* For brief descriptions, you may email us ASAP. ;)

Status: ALL Sold Out

BRACELET of the day~!

Have a sassy style with this sleek-on-your-wrist hinge bracelet. Subtle and Sexy. Smooth polished golden shines sets off new inspiration for your look. Grab it ASAP~! It's non-restockable goods! ;p

Code: DCA130

Price: RM20.00 only

Color: Copper, Black and Pearl White

Status: Available

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chamber 6

"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." by Claude Monet Quotes -Artists
"Nature always wears the colours of the spirit." by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Colourful & Floral Bags are always a fun trend to add to your wardrobe. But what stands out is the colours and the style of floral for the bags. And this is not a one-season trend! ;)
Chamber 6 collections consist of COLOURFUL bags to kick start your shopping day~! YEAH!

Rutila - The Red Hot Floral Bag
RED symbolised Excitement, Energy, Passion, Love, Desire, Speed, Strength, Power, aggression etc. Gone are the days to carry those old boring simple bags and now comes the age of experimenting with this outstanding bag.

Note: 2 compartments inside

Code: DCA126

Price: RM55.00 (Included FREE Postage)

Color: Red & Floral

Status: SOLD OUT

Annthea - Classic Floral Handbags
Annthea in Latin meaning "Flower". ;)
Babe, just say "YES" to Annthea! It's absolutely gorgeous! Drape this iconic carryall over your shoulder to upgrade off-duty outfits in an instant. Transform every stylish look with Annthea collections.

2 compartments

Code: DCA127 (a) - (c)

Color: Please refer to the photos as above.

Size: Medium-Sized Annthea

Price: RM60.00 (Included FREE Postage)

Status: DCA127 (a) Available - Last Piece; DCA127 (b) & (c) Sold Out

Large Annthea
- Big-Sized Classic Floral Handbag

Large Annthea

Large Annthea VS Medium Annthea

Code: DCA128

Color: White + Floral + Pink (Front View Color: Top-Bottom of the Bag)

Size: Large Annthea

Price: RM70.00 (Included FREE Postage)